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Serial communication problem

From: Filip Houf
Subject: Serial communication problem
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2008 02:20:08 +0200


Please help with basic communication.


Problem is if I open COM like file and after write command, so I read not just answer but command and answer.


For example




It’s theory


But reality is




It strange and more that sometimes it’s work fine and sometimes this wrong way. Can’t choose. Application code is same, but something happened with modem/drivers/etc.


Maybe it’s just wrong initialization of COM port, other apps work with modem fine, but mine till some happens and after modem returning input too.


Thank you for your advice.



Testing currently Vista bussines, Toshiba broadband 3G HSPDA SM-bus minicard modem with native drivers from Toshiba. Original control software works prefect and gnokii too.

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