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[OT] Copy mp3 files to Nokia 6300 from Ubuntu 8.10

From: Thomas Jensen
Subject: [OT] Copy mp3 files to Nokia 6300 from Ubuntu 8.10
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2008 20:34:20 +0100


Sorry to be off-topic, but you guys are most likely able to help me.

I Sync my Nokia 6300 via a USB cable using OpenSync and the gnokii
plugin. Works perfect. But with the cable I can choose 3 modes in the
phone - Nokia mode, Printing and mediaa, and Data storage. In the first
mode I can sync the phone. In the second it automounts in Ubuntu 8.10
and give access to both the phones memory and the SD card. Third mode
doesn't work.

I can copy all sorts of files to the card, but not music files. I get an
error saying something about the file doesn't exist... But it's only
when copying mp3 or wav (and maybe other), not pdf files etc.

I expect it has something to do with DRM. But then, I don't see the
point. Well, I don't know much about, but I thought the point was to
protect DRM protected material. And the mp3 files I copy to the phone
has no DRM protection. AND, if I use my wifes Windows 2000 computer and
Nokia PC Suite, I can copy the files with no problems. And if I compare
the files copied to the phone with the original files, they are
identical. So it is not because they are converted or anything in PC

So what is the problem? Why can't I copy my mp3 files to the phone?

As a little bonus information - I can copy aac-files to the phone, but
they cannot be playes. Musicplayer say they are broken. But if I use
faac's -w option, a m4a-file is created, and that file can be copied to
the phone and it plays. But I have a lot of mp3 files I would like to
use, so ... :-/

Thomas Jensen <address@hidden>

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