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Re: Validity period

From: Davide Berra
Subject: Re: Validity period
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2008 10:19:28 +0100
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Thank you Pawel...

sorry but i made a big confusion.... i meant to say i wanna use Absolute format... just like you said.

I changed

req[pos] |= 0x08;


req[pos] |= 0x18;

and changed date with a plausible one....

and it worked!!!
thank you so much!!

Pawel Kot ha scritto:

On Wed, Oct 29, 2008 at 08:50, Davide Berra <address@hidden> wrote:
i need to send a message with a accurate validity period, so i would like to
fill TP-VP field
with Absolute value and not with Relative value (default by gnokii).

OK, but...

So i edited common/phones/nk6510.c (my phone) sms_encode() function...

first, i changed TP-VPF (bit 4 and bit 3 of first octet) with 01 (means
Enhanced format) instead of 10 (Relative format)

.. why you use enhanced format instead of absolute format?

              if (data->raw_sms->validity_indicator)
//                      req[pos] |= 0x10;
                        req[pos] |= 0x08;

Absolute format is:
                          req[pos] |= 0x18;

                req[pos++] = 0x99; /* year */
                req[pos++] = 0x20; /* month */
                req[pos++] = 0x21; /* day */
                req[pos++] = 0x50; /* hour */
                req[pos++] = 0x75; /* minute */
                req[pos++] = 0x03; /* second */
                req[pos++] = 0x21; /* timezone */

This is not enhanced validity period format. Please refer to GSM 03.40
spec (not too old, enhanced format is pretty new).

the result is..... phone can't send message.... =(

It may not support enhanced validity period format.

What "data length" and "block length", in validity period block, means?

You used them correctly.


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