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RE: How to compile smsd in 0.6.27

From: Ari A
Subject: RE: How to compile smsd in 0.6.27
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2008 11:52:49 +0200

Hi Jari,
Thanks for the information. Actually I was too hasty to send the question.
The solution was actually in the error glib.h. It cannot be found if the glib development libraries are not installed (stupid me).
So the fix was easy, I installed the glib development libraries, ran ./configure --enable-smsd -> make -> make install and there it was, the smsd is now compiled and it is running (ok, I get "iconv: Invalid or incomplete multibyte or wide character" to the screen, but anyway I was able to read the text messages to MySql database).
I have my own addition to this smsd. I have added  field out_date to the outbox -table. I also edited the sql query that retrieves the messages not sent from the outbox table. Now I am able to set "timed sms", so setting the out_date means that the message is sent at that date. I have tested it and it seems to work. If You think that this is kind of feature that should be added to the future releases of smsd, I am glad to send the documentation about the needed changes.
Best Regards

> Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2008 11:31:30 +0200
> From: address@hidden
> To: address@hidden
> Subject: Re: How to compile smsd in 0.6.27
> Ari A wrote:
> > The documentation says that the smsd is now compiled with gnokii.
> > Somehow I am not able to compile it.
> ...
> > What is the correct way to compile smsd and mysql libraries?
> Did you check Gnokii wiki?
> In the Build FAQ there are really-quick-instructions:
> Since you insisted that somehow building fails or does not work, I
> tested the wiki's instructions on my Fedora box.
> 1) I CVSd the latest source code out
> 2) ./
> 3) make
> Check the results:
> # ls -1 smsd/smsd smsd/.libs/*mysql*
> Will yield following files:
> smsd/.libs/libsmsd_mysql.a, smsd/.libs/,
> smsd/.libs/libsmsd_mysql.lai, smsd/.libs/,
> smsd/.libs/mysql.o, smsd/smsd
> The smsd is there and has proper libraries ready to be installed. (I did
> not do the make install -part.)
> Please try that and report back if your process does not produce assumed
> results. If you're interested in released 0.6.27 replace 1) with getting
> and unpacking the tar.gz-file and ignore 2) completely.
> Regards,
> Jari Turkia
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