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Win32 pipe problem with --sendsms

From: Luciano Napoli
Subject: Win32 pipe problem with --sendsms
Date: Sun, 9 Nov 2008 02:45:57 -0800 (PST)

Hello, I have a problem with --sendsms in Win32.
1. If I type this line at the command prompt everything works well.
echo "test sms sending" | gnokii.exe --sendsms +393318699382
gnokii.exe --sendsms +393318699382 < "smstextfile.txt"

2. If make the same call to the command with the API CreateProcess nothing
happens. I can't get not even the output reply.

I'm using succesfully the CreateProcess API function to communicate with
Gnokii. Everything is ok with --getsms, --showsmsfolderstatus, --identify.
I spent few hours understanding why don't work only with --sendsms but I
think is a problem with pipes input.

Maybe the best manner to solve the problem is to add a new option parameter
to the --sendsms, something like -f smstextfile.txt. And making the same for
all the Gnokii functions where is required a pipe input. In this manner we
will have a full compatibility with Win32. What do you think about that?

Thank you

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