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Re: gnapplet for Windows Mobile?

From: Pawel Kot
Subject: Re: gnapplet for Windows Mobile?
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2009 10:42:01 +0100


On Fri, Jan 30, 2009 at 01:47, Nicholas Poole
<address@hidden> wrote:
> Just wondering if anyone's considered porting gnapplet for use on Windows
> Mobile? I realise that it was written for Symbian OS 1st edition, but if the
> communication protocol was kept consistent surely only the command functions
> would need real work (and most of the functions can be found in the SDK
> samples).

No. I don't think it makes sense at all. There is synce project to
provide connectivity options for Windows Mobile and IMHO much better
idea is to have synce (or whatever it would be called) driver.

However your idea is for sure workable and it would require just
Windows Mobile part development.

take care,
Pawel Kot

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