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Preliminary support for reading MMS added

From: Daniele Forsi
Subject: Preliminary support for reading MMS added
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2009 12:30:29 +0100

I've committed to CVS the code that adds a very basic --getmms command
to gnokii.

Currently it works only with Nokia Series 40 3rd and it can only:
1) print the "from" and "subject" fields as encoded in the file
header, not in the MMS proper
2) save to file the whole binary contents of the MMS for decoding by
third party programs

Sample usage:
gnokii --getmms IN 1 end
gnokii --getmms IN 1 --pdu mypdumms
gnokii --getmms IN 1 --raw myrawms

The first example prints human readable output to stdout.
The second example saves the entire MMS PDU to the given file; this is the
standard binary format that is sent on the air and you need some other
program to decode it and display MMS contents.
The third example saves the MMS exactly as it is stored in phone
memory; this will be useful for backups if we figure out how to do a
restore easily.

I tested it with a Nokia 5300, so it should work on all Series 40 3rd,
and maybe also on later versions; probably it can be extended to work
with other phones that store the MMS in a location that can be read
with --getfile, such earlier Series 40.

If this doesn't work with your phone and you want to help, you need to
use gnokii --getfile to see if you can find an MMS stored somewhere,
then mail it to me together with its full path. A way to find it  is
that date/time of the file is the same as arrival date/time of the
MMS; it will be easier if you delete all messages (from phone menu)
and keep just one MMS.

Daniele Forsi

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