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From: Pawel Kot
Subject: status
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2009 17:27:42 +0100


There's been a long time since the last gnokii release. That's bad.
That's very bad. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to prepare
the release over last few months. However there has been a lot of
development being done in the mean time. So here are few facts about
gnokii near future.

1. 0.6.28
I'm approaching a new release. I want to fix the SMS encoding problems
and that's it. All the rest will go for the next release.

2. Resources
We have very limited resources for gnokii development. Currently
there's Daniele and myself that do both development and user help.
There's Jan who participates in SMSD development. But still the pace
of development is pathetic slow. We're looking all the time for
developers. There are some people floating around on IRC but they
usually disappear after few days, however there are things like Besides, we're looking
for any kind of resources:
 - testers
 - bug analyzers
 - documentation writers
 - user helpers (on irc and on mailing list)
 - webmasters (or website sucks these days)
Any help with these areas would help us with the development time we can spend.

3. helpdesk time
Just to better organize myself, I will mostly disappear from answering
users on IRC and on mailing list. If anything won't be answered I'll
try to address it every week on Monday evening. I know that's not
much, but I think it's the only way to move gnokii forward. If there
will be no much work during this time, I'll devote it partially for
documentation writing. It will be probably also time for the releases.
And if you are asking questions please just follow some basic
guidelines and don't demand help immediately. We're volunteers. It's
just two of us. And yes, we sleep in the night. And we're CET. If
you'll piss us off, we'll (or at least I'll) be rude. And provide as
much information as you can, so we can help you. No information, no
And please avoid writing to me directly about your problems. It most
likely won't attract me and I will ignore it. If you'll write to
mailing list, most likely someone will answer.

4. twitter
Just for fun and to enjoy web2.0 you can see my activities regarding
gnokii at twitter:
Probably it's not usable, but I wanted to convince myself.

take care,
Pawel Kot

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