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smsd monitoring for new incoming messages not working with latest CVS ve

From: Dennis l
Subject: smsd monitoring for new incoming messages not working with latest CVS version/Nokia 6300
Date: Thu, 14 May 2009 10:54:00 +0200


After switching to CVS version cause of (- ReadSMS() prepared gn_sms structure to remove in A_DeleteSMSMessage(). But in some situation RefreshSMS() deallocated gn_sms structure before A_DeleteSMSMessage() which resulted in double free bug (#23550, #23842). Fixed by processing all events before RefreshSMS(). (Paul Praet))

smsd now seems stable, however it got trouble watching out for new incoming sms's.

the non-cvs version was working as supposed, and i could see when new messages arrived, but unfortuantly sometimes the app crashed - why i decided to switch to CVS version after some guidiance on irc.

when i start up smsd it runs and processes the messages from inbox nicely and throws them into my database. but after that, it doesnt detect any new incoming messages. in debug mode i can watch and see how it probes for ../*.* to check for new messages. but it dosnt see any. if i decide to restart smsd. it now finds the messages and processes them again.

i tested this on two different systems without any differences.

i have attached some debug/log files and system information.

please let me know if any more information is needed - and i will provide quickly.


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