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synchronisation takes too long?

From: gnokii
Subject: synchronisation takes too long?
Date: Mon, 08 Jun 2009 17:23:30 +0200
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sorry for possible cross-posting, but I don't know whether the problem
is with gnokii or with opensync :(

I try to sync my Nokia 5140i, contacts and calendar.

Connection works fine with the gnokii plugin (and gnokii on the command

I can easily sync my contacts and calendar from the phone to kontact
(kadressbook/korganizer), but I don't manage to write my contacts to the

I deleted all contacts on the phone (internal memory), with a sync-pair
gnokii-sync <-> kdepim-sync I got 2 entries written to the phone after
approximatly 3 hours.

Something seems to be working, as I can see in multisync0.90 that the
buttons remain grey after starting the sync.

multisync0.90 says furthermore:

gnokii-sync: Sent all changes
kdepim-sync: Sent all changes.

184 entries received.
All conflicts have been reported.
(Buttons still grey).

The process-lists shows three active tasks:

frisco    6102  3.0  0.6 208892 27016 ?        Sl   16:14   1:29  \_
frisco    6507  1.3  0.1  51968  5612 ?        Sl   16:23   0:32  |   \_
/usr/lib/opensync/osplugin /home/frisco/.opensync-0.22/group7 1
frisco    6512  2.1  0.1  67240  7720 ?        Sl   16:23   0:51  |   \_
/usr/lib/opensync/osplugin /home/frisco/.opensync-0.22/group7 2

I can watch them working in top too.

I use:
address@hidden:/lost+found# dpkg -l *sync* |grep ^ii
ii  kitchensync                                    4:3.5.9-5
            Synchronization framework
ii  ksync                                          4:3.5.5.dfsg.1-6
            KDE Sync
ii  libasyncns0                                    0.3-1
            Asyncronous name service query library
ii  libmultisync-plugin-backup                     0.82-8.2
            Backup plug for MultiSync
ii  libmultisync-plugin-evolution                  0.82-8.2
            Ximian Evolution plugin for MultiSync
ii  libmultisync-plugin-irmc                       0.82-8.2
            IrMc Mobile plugin for MultiSync
ii  libmultisync-plugin-irmc-bluetooth             0.82-8.2
            Adds Bluetooth support to the IrMC plugin
ii  libopensync0                                   0.22-2
            Synchronisation framework for email/pdas/and
ii  libopensync1exp6                               0.38-1
            Synchronisation framework for email/pdas/and
ii  libpisync1                                     0.12.3-11
            synchronization library for PalmOS devices
ii  msynctool                                      0.38-2
            Commandline interface for OpenSync
ii  multisync                                      0.82-8.2
            A program to synchronize PIM data
ii  multisync0.90                                  0.92.0~svn355-1
            PIM Synchronization Tool
ii  opensync-format-vformat                        0.38-1
            Opensync vformat plugin
ii  opensync-plugin-evolution                      0.22-2+b1
            Evolution plugin for opensync
ii  opensync-plugin-file                           0.22-2
            Opensync file plugin
ii  opensync-plugin-gnokii                         0.22-1+b1
            Opensync gnokii plugin
ii  opensync-plugin-google-calendar                0.22-6
            Opensync Google Calendar plugin
ii  opensync-plugin-iceowl                         0.22-3
            Opensync Mozilla Calendar(Iceowl) plugin
ii  opensync-plugin-irmc                           0.22-3
            IrMC plugin for opensync
ii  opensync-plugin-kdepim                         0.22-4
            KDE plugin for opensync
ii  opensync-plugin-sunbird                        0.22-3
            Opensync Mozilla Calendar(Iceowl) plugin

There seem to be opensync 0.22 and 0.38 installed (under Debian
testing), could that cause conflicts?

I noticed that multisync0.90 writes to .opensync-0.22/ (see process list
above), if I try to use msynctool, it tries to use .opensync/, but
complains about no available plugins, thus I use multisync0.90.

I read a lot docs about gnokii and opensync/multisync, but couldn't
solve the problem on my own - it would be great if anyone could give me
a hint, any help is very appreciated!


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