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Re: capturing keypress/release events using F-BUS

From: Daniele Forsi
Subject: Re: capturing keypress/release events using F-BUS
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2009 18:29:10 +0200

2009/6/16 Rohit Chaudhri:

> Thanks for the information! While I do not understand all of this yet, but
> I'll look at the code and try to figure out how this should be done.

to clarify, my suggestion around gnokii --smsreader part is just a
quick way to see if something interesting happens instead of adding
another command to gnokii

> Looking through the wiki I found gnokii has a couple of commandline options
> --getdisplaystatus and --getdisplayoutput. It seems like information
> returned from these options might be useful for my purposes,

they are the opposite of what you asked in the first email: you could
see the effects of pressing a key but you wouldn't know which key

> however these
> are optionally implemented. Would these work for the 1200? If they don't
> work (& I'll know more about this soon), would it be because the phone
> doesnot support this at all or is this some thing that I could possibly
> (hopefully) implement in the gnokii protocol?

the answer is the same:
they aren't implemented in the nk6510 driver because either the phone
doesn't support them or nobody found a way or nobody bothered to
search a way; you can look at the nk6100 driver to get an idea of what
to expect

Daniele Forsi

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