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Re: gnokii getsms

From: Daniele Forsi
Subject: Re: gnokii getsms
Date: Fri, 3 Jul 2009 19:47:01 +0200

2009/7/1 Vieri:

> What is the "showsmsfolderstatus" log I'm attaching actually saying when it 
> says "SM 0" and "ME 0"?
> Is it reporting that there are no SMS messages available?

0 is not a valid memory location for your device and the device is
reporting 0 SMS,
this is from your log file:

read : [AT+CPMS?<cr><cr><lf>+CPMS:

read : [AT+CPMS?<cr><cr><lf>+CPMS:

> If so, what else could I try (because if I take the SIM card from the device 
> - which is a "trac"
> or "GSM gateway", not a cellphone - and insert it into a real phone, I get 
> see the messages).

a real phone reads the SIM card using Smart Card commands, not AT, and
I wouldn't be too surprised if your phone moved the SMS from the SIM
to its internal memory so that now the SIM is really empty

Daniele Forsi

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