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Re: another error when gnokii --getsms

From: Daniele Forsi
Subject: Re: another error when gnokii --getsms
Date: Thu, 13 Aug 2009 18:22:03 +0200

I'm going to explain the gory details of this error. I have a
diagnosis but not a cure.

The following PDUs are those reported by Vieri (I modified the phone numbers)

this doesn't cause an error:
these cause an error:

if someone wants to experiment, he can copy one of those strings in fake.c

The error is an attempt to read data after the end of the PDU buffer
in common/gsm-sms.c around line 939:

if (parameter_indicator & 0x04) {
        /* TP-UDL  TP-User-Data-Length */
        /* TP-UD   TP-User-Data */
        COPY_USER_DATA(pdu, offset);

there is another potential out of bounds error in a loop e couple of
lines above, both can be caused by parameter_indicator (it is 0xCB,
0xE7, 0x9F and 0xDD respectively and because 0xCB & 0x04 == 0 the
first PDU doesn't cause the error), which is strange because only 3
bits+1 are defined, according to ETSI TS 123 040 V8.5.0 (2009-06), so
I would expect it to be in the range 0-7.

Maybe someone can explain where I go wrong while decoding the second PDU above:
0791214365870921 SMSC number
06 == 2 SMS-STATUS-REPORT | 4 TP-More-Messages-to-Send
F1 TP-Message-Reference
09812222222222 TP-Recipient-Address
90703290617180 TP-Service-Centre-Time-Stamp
90703290619180 TP-Discharge-Time
00 TP-Status
E7 TP-Parameter-Indicator

phone numbers and dates have reasonable values so they are probably
decoded in the right way
TP-Parameter-Indicator & 0x80 causes 0x20 to be skipped and
COPY_USER_DATA() is passed the offset of 0x36 which is interpreted as
TP-User-Data-Length (the number of bytes to read), but there aren't so

In the third PDU TP-Parameter-Indicator is 9F which cause to skip
D6E494 and read out of bounds during "while (pdu[offset++] & 0x80);"
but even fixing that, COPY_USER_DATA() is passed an out of bounds
Daniele Forsi

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