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gnokii hang after it says "General Data Coding"

From: Razor
Subject: gnokii hang after it says "General Data Coding"
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2009 18:31:16 +0800

I'm using gnokii 0.6.27 on freebsd 6.3. I want to send SMS with
Chinese characters.
So, I setenv LC_ALL zh_CN.UTF-8 and then echo "<some UTF-8 chinese
characters>" | gnokii --sendsms xxxxxxxx.
The initialize is OK. But after it says "General Data Coding", the
program hang with cpu 100%, looks like a infinite loop.
If i send SMS with only english alphabets, gnokii will works fine.

Is there some thing wrong with my usage? or some bugs in gnokii?

Thank you :)

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