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RE: Gnokii on Sparc Solaris 9

From: Martin Schumacher
Subject: RE: Gnokii on Sparc Solaris 9
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 2009 10:23:06 +0930

Dear Gnokii UG,

I don't want to sound negative at all, but I'm not having much success
with compiling this gnokii program.

1) I downloaded the latest source code *.tar.gz files (version 0.6.27) 
Config seemed to go OK, but neither "make" or "gmake" worked. It seems
from the "configure" output that it thought my "Solaris OS" was Win32 or

2) So, on gnokii-users advice, I downloaded the "git" version, (I had to
download and install 7 other Solaris packages, just to get "git" to
Unfortunatly, this "git" version didn't compile either.  I tried to
attached the log files from the, ./configure and gmake
program outpt, but the email bounced to this group.  (Do I have to send
them one at a time?)

Anyway, Listed below are the SunFreeWare packages I have installed just
to try to get gnokii to compile.  All these packages installed
successfully, but gnokii still resists.

Any help would be appreciated.  Short, one line "answers" are not really
helpful, nor is "it should work".


Ps. Just for fun, I downloaded and installed (without problems) the
Win32 *.msi gnokii version, and it didn't need any other prerequisites
programs, libraries, etc, etc.

Pps. It seems that gnokii on Solaris has really lost the plot.  I cannot
understand  why there is such an "enormous" reliance on other people's
softwarem, as the list below seems to indicate.

pkginfo | grep SMC
application SMCautoc                         autoconf
application SMCautom                         automake
application SMCbinut                         binutils
application SMCcurl                          curl
application SMCexpat                         expat
application SMCflex                          flex
application SMCgettxt                        gettext
application SMCgit                           git
application SMCiconv                         libiconv
application SMCintlt                         intltool
application SMClibidn                        libidn
application SMClibt                          libtool
application SMClintl                         libintl
application SMClsgsgv                        libsigsegv
application SMClssh2                         libssh2
application SMCm4                            m4
application SMCossl                          openssl
application SMCpconf                         pkgconfig
application SMCpopt                          popt

The SunOS I am using is the "Full OEM Solaris 9" build, not a cut-down
version. However, I had already installed the GNU packages below on my
Sun Workstation before this "gnokii" project.
application SMCgcc                           gcc
application SMCrsync                         rsync
application SMCperl                          perl
application SMClgcc346                       libgcc

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