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gnokii 0.6.28

From: Pawel Kot
Subject: gnokii 0.6.28
Date: Mon, 7 Sep 2009 16:52:15 +0200


It's been 11 months yesterday since the last release. Waaaaay too
long. I apologize for that: I had really no time over last year to
maintain gnokii. But on the other hand the development didn't die. In
fact we had significant improvements over last year. And there it
goes: brand new gnokii 0.6.28.

There are too many changes to mention them (see ChangeLog for the
details). But there are certain areas that were improved:
 - sms handling, mainly in area of correct encoding detection and
multipart sms splitting (however still needs some tweaks, thanks
 - portability and compilation fixes for various platforms
 - quite a few stability fixes: off-by-one bugs and other leading to
segmentation faults (thanks valgrind! ;))
 - there are improvements in smsd as well
 - Bluetooth support for FreeBSD (thanks Guido!)
 - Nokia Series40 3rd+ Edition improvements.
 - experimental MMS reading for Nokia Series40 (thanks Daniele!)

You can find the downloads as usually at:
But we always recommend using development version -- it's the same
quality the release is. And we're using now git for source management:
Old CVS repository probably still exists(?) but is not updated anymore.

Big thanks to Daniele Forsi for cooperation in gnokii development and

Some other news about the project: we are now experiencing some
infrastructure changes. One big change is already mentioned git. We
are also in the process of moving wiki server. It should be
transparent, but we're now waiting for DNS change (which should happen
very soon) -- it might be possible you're changes (from last few days)
at wiki will be lost -- please double check. It is also possible we'll
have changes regarding our main site. Thanks to Jari for the help with
this stuff.

For the next two weeks I'm on vacation. You can meet me in Barcelona
or Malaga (or somewhere in between). And I won't have notebook with
me. So please be patient with the bugs: Daniele will do his best for

take care,
Pawel Kot

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