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Re: Nokia 5130 with Mac OS X

From: Gustavo Delfino
Subject: Re: Nokia 5130 with Mac OS X
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2009 10:06:10 -0430

Thank you for your answer Michael.

Mac OS X seems to use a different naming convention for USB devices. In regards to the /var/lock directory, I created it and I can now set "use_locking = yes".

I also compiled the latest Gnokii from the git repository with identical results.

I am now downloading Ubuntu. If it works fine in Linux then I'll be sure that it is a Mac OS X problem.


Gustavo Delfino

On Sep 22, 2009, at 8:57 PM, Michael Hutchinson wrote:

I'm not sure about those USB device names you supplied, as to whether
you'll be able to talk to the phone on those or not.

One would have expected a /dev/ttyUSB* entry to be created (note the
wildcard), at least, this is how I've found phone's presented on USB


You can create /var/lock, so Gnokii can use lock files. Just make sure
the permissions on the folder will allow the user that runs gnokii to
write to it.

ttys0 in this part is definitely wrong, as that suggests the phone is
wired to a serial port (NOT a USB one).

Persist and see if you have any /dev/ttyUSB devices that will allow
gnokii to talk to the phone.

And check out this webpage: and see if you can resolve your connection/configuration problem. There are
sample gnokiirc entries in there to help, that state how to use the
different connection methods.


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Subject: Nokia 5130 with Mac OS X

Hello all, I am new here. I am very interested in using Gnokii to send
and receive SMS messages using the Nokia 5130 which I have just
purchased just for this. Normally I prefer to download and compile
myself but I decided try using a package manager first. Under Mac OS X
we have MacPorts and Fink which currently have the following versions
of Gnokii available:

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