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Re: last gnapplet.sis nokia 6630 and sms

From: Daniele Forsi
Subject: Re: last gnapplet.sis nokia 6630 and sms
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 2009 21:37:08 +0200

>> N  Nome                                         Id #Msg
>> ========================================================
>>  0 Ricevuti                                     IN     7
>>  1 In uscita                                    OU    0
>>  2 Inviati                                        AR    7
>>  3 Modelli                                      TE    0

translations and Id's don't match for 1 2 3

just to be sure can you show the untranslated output?
LANG=C /usr/local/bin/gnokii --showsmsfolderstatus

I thought it was due to the insertion of new memory types in commit
but it happened on 2007-10-07 18:51:32 which is a month earlier than
the date you reported for gnapplet.sis
and other memory types inserted in commit
where inserted after IN so they should have no effect
Daniele Forsi

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