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Re: gnokii: --getwapbookmark does not work with a Nokia 5200

From: Daniele Forsi
Subject: Re: gnokii: --getwapbookmark does not work with a Nokia 5200
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2009 17:34:26 +0100

2009/11/18 Slaven Rezic:
> When using the --getwapbookmark
> option I get the attached output.

this is a known issue with at least Series 40 3rd edition, possibly
with also all the other editions

In the Nokia 5300 I see that Internet bookmarks are in
C:/predefbookmarks/bookmarks/ and I think it's the same in the 5200 so
you could use --getfile, --putfile and --deletefile to handle them,
use gnokii --getfilelist C:/predefbookmarks/bookmarks/*.* for a list
of existing files.
However since file format is unknown you can only do backup and
restore and possibly swap bookmarks between phones (one nice thing is
that phone refreshes the list when you enter the Favourites menu, so
you don't need to power cycle it to see changes). IMHO it's not worth
to invest time in reversing the file format, you can use "strings" to
extract names and addresses.

I've updated the wiki with some of this information, feel free to
contribute here or at

P.S. Since libgnokii keeps a list of model types and corresponding
phone names and Nokia 5200 is missing, can you tell if the box or the
back of the phone or the label in the battery compartment has the
"XpressMusic" brand? May I put your name in the ChangeLog as source of
this information?
Daniele Forsi

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