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Truncated WAP Push Message?

From: Simon Rogers
Subject: Truncated WAP Push Message?
Date: Sat, 2 Jan 2010 10:05:21 -0800

I've been using gnokii for a while for normal SMS applications without incident.  I recently tried sending a photo
through my iPhone to my SMS receiver.  It gave me two separate SMS messages which each had, as the
first line in the payload, "WAP Push:", followed by what looked like fragments of a URL.

I'm not sure what this is supposed to look like, but the fragments look a little cut off (it looks like the first
characters might be cut off).

My naive thought of how this should work is that I can concatenate the two SMS pieces to get a URL,
and then simply do an HTTP GET (e.g. type it into my browser) to pull down an image (as a test).

Here are the full SMS messages I get.  Can someone please elaborate (i.e. do these look fine, and
what would the URL be?)

1. Inbox Message (Unread)

Date/time: 24/12/2009 08:16:25 -800
Sender: 1111301000 Msg Center: +12085978927
WAP Push:

1. Inbox Message (Unread)
Date/time: 24/12/2009 08:16:26 -800
Sender: 1111301000 Msg Center: +12085978927
WAP Push:

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