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Gnokii in Ubuntu repositories. [WAS: RE: lowlevel.c problems]

From: Mike Hutchinson
Subject: Gnokii in Ubuntu repositories. [WAS: RE: lowlevel.c problems]
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2010 09:22:41 +1200

> Actually there's a bit of a problem with upgrading gnokii version in
> Ubuntu. The problem is that it is actually not possible. I had the
> idea to provide ppa archive for Ubuntu but I cannot find free time to
> deal with it.

Why is this not possible? 

I discussed this with the Ubuntu package maintainer for gnokii-smsd, and I
understand that I can go through a process called "Stable Release Update"
and this will allow a later gnokii version to be added to the Universe
repository. I was going to go through with this yesterday, but it sounds
like I may need to backtrack and do more testing / bug reporting first - I
don't mind doing any of this if it gets a later gnokii version in the

I don't know much about PPA's, but would be happy to help where I can. I
shall get up to speed with what is required for this and see if I can get it


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