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Strange SMSD errors caught with Daemontools..

From: Mike Hutchinson
Subject: Strange SMSD errors caught with Daemontools..
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2010 11:01:26 +1200

Hello all,


After upgrading my Gnokii-smsd to version 0.6.28, the daemon appeared to be more stable – at least I was not having to restart the daemon when there was a communication error with the phone – or so I thought.. Now I am getting other errors which I had not noticed before. When these happen, communications with the phone stop until I restart SMSD manually – so I am back to square one, with smsd refusing to communicate with the phone after these error messages appear.


I have setup gnokii-smsd under Daemontools (DJB’s) this time. This has allowed me to trap the process title errors, and are as follows:


root      4081  0.1  0.0   1560   276 ?        S    Apr22   2:30 readproctitle service errors: rw-p 00019000 08:01 2359446    /lib/ rw-p bffeb000 00:00 0          [stack]?smsd - version 1.4.4 from gnokii 0.6.28?Couldn't read n?6?V????]/.gnokiirc config file.?Couldn't read n?6?V????]/.gnokiirc config file.?smsd - version 1.4.4 from gnokii 0.6.28?Couldn't read |?6(e????]/.gnokiirc config file.?Couldn't read |?6(e????]/.gnokiirc config file.?


Very strange indeed. I have a .gnokiirc file in the /root folder, and a gnokiirc file in /etc. They are mirror copies of each other.  The old version used to say the same rubbish about the config file, but the part is new.


Any ideas?


Contents of the config file:


port = /dev/ttyS0

model = 7110

initlength = default

connection = serial

use_locking = no

serial_baudrate = 19200

#serial_write_usleep = 10000

handshake = hardware

#require_dcd = 1

#rfcomm_channel = 1

#sm_retry = 1

#connect_script = /absolute/path/to/gnokii/Docs/sample/cimd-connect

#disconnect_script =

connect_script =

disconnect_script =


smsc_timeout = 10



allow_breakage = 0


bindir = /usr/bin/


TELEPHONE = 12345678



# where to log the debug output (on: stderr, off: /dev/null)

debug = off

# where to log the rlp debug output (on: stderr, off: /dev/null)

rlpdebug = off

# where to log X debug output (on: stderr, off: /dev/null)

xdebug = off




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