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RE: Wavecom Fastrack GO USB Modem

From: Mike Hutchinson
Subject: RE: Wavecom Fastrack GO USB Modem
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2010 10:59:17 +1200

Hello Harri,

I can most definitely suggest that you steer away from USB connections when
it comes to SMS or Phones in general.

COM-port connections are the most reliable, and always work. USB connections
quite often time-out or "sleep" and this causes communications problems with
hardware and software - not worth going through the trouble. I have two
alerting boxes at my work, both running Nagios, both running Gnokii,
connected to two basic Nokia 7xxx series phones. They're both connected via
Serial COM-port, and work rather reliably under that environment.

Recently I was forced to change the physical hardware of one of the systems,
and it had to sit on a physical box that had no serial port. We gave it a
serial port using what we call a USB-BAFO - this provides a Com port,
connected via a USB port - this was absolutely disasterous. We were left
several times with broken notifications never reaching the intended
recipients, because the USB port power saving had caused comms failures with
the phone. Restarting services and the phone would get things running again
but this is far from desirable operation. Needless to say, that VM got
loaded back onto it's original host hardware less than a week later.

Just my 2cents worth,


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> Subject: Wavecom Fastrack GO USB Modem
> Hi folks,
> I found some positive feedback about the Wavecom Fastrack
> Supreme 20 in the archive, but nothing about the new Fastrack
> Go (USB version) yet. Can anybody recommend (or disadvise)
> this device?
> Any helpful comment would be highly appreciated
> Harri
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