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RE: gnokii-smsd file containing '<' at the very end.

From: Chirag Patel
Subject: RE: gnokii-smsd file containing '<' at the very end.
Date: Mon, 3 May 2010 14:41:45 -0700

It happens with this versoin

smsd - version 1.4.3 from gnokii 0.6.27

with the following rpm gnokii-smsd-0.6.27-2.el5

Not really sure what exactly kills the process, but there are other
files with '<' in the middle of the text, and they come through just
fine, however placing '<' at the very end kills the process. After '<'
is removed the message is sent as normal.

What do you mean by a backtrace?

Sorry a nob question!!!

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Subject: Re: gnokii-smsd file containing '<' at the very end.

2010/5/3 Chirag Patel:

> We have gnokii-smsd running to send out pages, and most of it works
> good. However recently we had a file with a trailing '<' at the very
> that killed the process.

does this happen with current git version?

what kills the process? can you get a backtrace?

Daniele Forsi

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