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Re: Gnokii, Gnocky Error on Fedora 12

From: monet nisperos
Subject: Re: Gnokii, Gnocky Error on Fedora 12
Date: Sun, 9 May 2010 00:32:17 +0800

Hi Mr. Kot,

Because of this problem, I had to do it again from the beginning to simulate the problem.  I am using Sun Virtual Box and I installed Fedora 12.  I successfully installed gnokii 0.6.28, then configured the gnokiirc.  I didn't install the gnocky because i know if gnokii can identify my Nokia 3110c, it will be easy for gnocky.

1. Please find attached the output file of gnokii using fedora 12  when I tried executing "gnokii --identify" and also the gnokiirc config file.  Some i was able to solve like copying the gnokiirc to its home directory and changed the name to ".gnokiirc" so it lessen the problem but still the attached file output is the current problem of mine where I cannot solve some errors.

2. I tried installing ubuntu 10 on Sun Virtual Box because I saw some procedure on how to install gnokii in ubuntu.  I followed the procedure entirely but still it didnt work.  Please find attached the output file of gnokii when using ubuntu and its configuration file.  Here's the link where i followed the procedure

3.  Actually, I tried one by one the connection: from serial to dku2libusb. dku5 but still the same error.  I just followed everything from all the things I gathered from the net but still it won't work.  I tried this link

4. To be honest I am just a beginner in using Linux and trying my best to really read a lot and ask help as much as possible that is why i resorted to ask help from the experts like you.

Thank you for whatever help you can extend me.  If you have any suggestion please feel free to tell me other applications i can use to make this work.

warm regards,

On Sat, May 8, 2010 at 11:20 PM, Pawel Kot <address@hidden> wrote:

On Thu, May 6, 2010 at 16:25, monet nisperos
<address@hidden> wrote:
> I installed fedora 12, gnokii and gnocky on my laptop and it was
> successful.  Then I tried connecting my Nokia 3110c into my laptop using USB
> cable because this is what my project needs just USB cable.  Then I tried
> configuring gnokiirc config file according to what was needed.  I had some
> samples from the internet on how to configure gnokiirc.  Unfortunately,

Can you show the sources that made you to create the config file as you did?

> during the execution of gnocky, It produce lots of errors like:
> Couldn't open Phonet device: inappropriate ioctl for device
> error in link initialisation:1
> cfg_file_read - open /root/.gnokiirc: no such file or directory
> couldn't read /root/.gnokiirc config file

You get different messages when using gnocky and gnokii?

> I tried running gnokii --identify to know whether it can actually detect my
> mobile fone but it says:
> gnokii version 0.6.28

0.6.29 is out there with tons of fixes.

> couldn't read /home/monetteski/.gnokiirc config file
> log: debug mask is 0x1
> config read from file /etc/gnokiirc
> model = 3110c
> port = /dev/ttyUSB0
> connection = dlr3p (i wonder why is it this because i configured it as

It doesn't matter. However it is still incorrect as according to Nokia
sites you should be using DKE-2 cable. The proper configuration is
shown at

> serial device : opening device /dev/ttyUSB0
> gnokii serial_open: open: no such file or directory

That should be understandable message, isn't it?

> I can't exactly understand all the errors.

I think the above one is very straightforward.

>  I tried my best to search for
> tutorials, samples on how to solve this problems but still i didn't find
> one.  I am having difficulty working on this as this is my first time to
> work on open source.

How do you think your problems are related to the software being open source?

> I tried joining forums to ask for help and one replied
> to my problem suggesting to ask from the experts like you.  Please, help me
> with this and please do bear with me.  I have no one to ask but you and I am
> working on this project alone.

I don't know what project is that but I'm afraid it might be tough to
move forward having problems with the basics.

take care,
Pawel Kot

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