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Strange errors from Gnokii/SMSd - RESOLVED.

From: Michael Hutchinson
Subject: Strange errors from Gnokii/SMSd - RESOLVED.
Date: Tue, 18 May 2010 13:59:22 +1200

Hello All,


I’ve had some problems recently with Gnokii(0.6.28) after compiling from source, and discovering that the Ubuntu supplied version is not stable. For the most part, it would seem that Gnokii is not handling my Nokia 7110 handset going to sleep every so often. It used to handle this fine, (gnokii 0.6.22) but I now receive an error from Lowlevel.c regarding something to do with an Incoming Function not being handled.


I did attempt to resolve this, and a new version of Gnokii popped out not long after (0.6.29) as well. I quickly ran out and compiled this one up, only to find that if I leave SMSD running on the system, it will send one SMS, then hang – requiring to be killed with ‘kill -9’ – I then must restart the service, and can then send one SMS again, before a repeat hang (same for 0.6.28).


So that made the daemon useless. In essence there was nothing wrong with the gnokii binary, this would always work and communicate with the phone, but then that’s always one-shot stuff anyway.


I regret to say I had to try alternative software, and after being Gnokii/smsd users for the last 8 years this is a bit of a disappointment, but, we must move on to what works for us. The “incoming function” problem is still present, but the new software doesn’t allow this to freeze the daemon, or communications with the phone, and will still happily SMS till the cows come home.


I guess the big question is, what happened to Gnokii to do with 7110/6110 handsets since version 0.6.5?

(PS: Gnokii also no longer plays nice with Daemontools (, as it used to back in version 0.6.5)


We still use 0.6.5 on a Debian Sarge (3.1) system, hooked up to Nagios. This seems as reliable as it has always been for the last 8 years, and runs the same handset as the newly rebuilt system (Nokia 7110), so it doesn’t make much sense for the newer versions of Gnokii/smsd to just quit/stall when using this phone.


I still appreciate and use your product, but thought you should be furnished with the above information in the hope that it will one day be rectified.




Yours Sincerely,

Michael Hutchinson

Manux Solutions Limited



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