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Re: SMS error

From: Daniele Forsi
Subject: Re: SMS error
Date: Mon, 5 Jul 2010 17:25:49 +0200

2010/7/5 monet nisperos:

> Yes, I was able to send text message using Gnokii --sendsms using the same
> SIM and Phone.

yes, you wrote that, but now the phone is saying "+CMS ERROR: 50"
which means "the GSM operator won't let me do this"

>  I am using a roaming SIM and a 3G phone which can receive
> messages from other countries like mine.  Since i was able to send at least
> one message, i thought that 0.68 version supports Sony Ericsson.  Can you
> please suggest what should i do about this problem?

retry with your phone keyboard: if it doesn't work call your operator,
if it works upgrade gnokii, best is if you can compile the git version

but if you have troubles maybe you can use an rpm from
I can't help you with rpm's

>> > Thank you for bearing with me.
>> thank you for bearing with us and note that HTML email is bad too
>> because it sends your email twice wasting space
> Sorry for emailing twice as some member told me not to send attachment.
> Sorry for that...

it's ok that you emailed twice, but both times you wrote in HTML that
actually sends each message twice, once as plain text and once as
HTML, so you wrote 4 messages :-)

you may want to read something about why HTML email is bad if you are
really interested

Daniele Forsi

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