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Re: Problem sending multipart messages with Motorola V3

From: Renato Duarte Soffiatto
Subject: Re: Problem sending multipart messages with Motorola V3
Date: Mon, 09 Aug 2010 10:36:45 -0300
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Yes, the process did not segfault, or accused some error. It simply stopped, returning to the shell (when started from there), even for the SMSD.
I already tried increasing SMSC_Timeout to no avail...

I will see if I can get hold of the V3 again to try sending only ASCII characters. We exchanged the V3 for a Nokia 6600 fold after the last e-mail was sent. Even with the AT driver, it does send that same multipart message without any trouble.

Em 07-08-2010 11:36, Daniele Forsi escreveu:
2010/7/30 Renato Duarte Soffiatto:

Even if i send only a few random characters after this first part, the
timeout still happens. With:
echo Mensagem recebida. Em breve um de nossos agentes irá contactá-lo. XXXXX
| gnokii --sendsms +xxxxxxxxxxxx

the problem happens.

The same happens with SMSD.
so you only get a timeout, not a segfault like the word "crash" in
your first email led me to think?
I simulated a timeout and I see no crash in gnokii and smsd, git versions

it's bad that you need to disconnect your phone but I'm afraid there's
little gnokii can do apart waiting more, you can try to increase
smsc_timeout in your gnokiirc from the default 10 seconds, but this
won't solve your problem if the timeout happens because the phone is
already wedged, of course there is the possibilty that we're doing
something that upsets your phone, but the PDU printed in your debug
log looks ok with the fake driver

What happens if you send the message with another AT phone?
And what happens with your Motorola if a multipart message contains
only English letters and numbers?
For testing with the fake driver see

Renato Duarte Soffiatto
Vayon Insurance Solution Provider
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55 11 3459-7610

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