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Re: Synology DS110j Command Timeout

From: Woolers
Subject: Re: Synology DS110j Command Timeout
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2010 08:47:21 +0000 (UTC)
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Daniele Forsi <dforsi <at>> writes:

> 2010/8/10 Woolers:
> > [global]
> > model = series40
> > port = 1
> > connection = dku2libusb
> that's the preferred configuration for your phone, but can you try
> gnokii --identify with AT?
> model = AT
> connection = serial
> port = /dev/ttyACM0 or check /var/log/messages for the right name
> that's to make sure that you can communicate with your phone
> be sure you select Nokia Mode (or PC Suite Mode or similar) when phone asks
> if it doesn't work see if you find something useful in
> if everything fails try to give more information, including kernel and
> libusb versions

Hi Daniele,

Many thanks for your reply. I have managed to get gnokii working by building 
the source from scratch on my DS110j rather than installing from ipkg. This is 
now connecting and sending messages by the sendsms command.

However, smsd which is also built at the same time as gnokii has the same 
original problem. Typing smsd leads to a message being sent to the phone but 
the phone not replying. It times out after 3 attempts. In addition, there is a 
message about a spooling directory which I've no idea about.

Do you have any ideas as to whats going on here? I think I can now safely say 
that my hardware is ok, my drivers are ok and my config file is setup 
correctly. Not sure what else that leaves!



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