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Re: xgnokii and sms inbox

From: Daniele Forsi
Subject: Re: xgnokii and sms inbox
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 2010 13:29:04 +0200

2010/8/15 Pawel Kot:

> On Fri, Aug 13, 2010 at 22:46, Daniele Forsi <address@hidden> wrote:
>> 2010/8/13 Iain Mac Donald:
>>> Is there a config file setting for the Inbox memory type
>> no, xgnokii and gnocky have SM and ME as hardcoded values
> Actually I think xgnokii at least checks for PM_FOLDERS flag and if
> it's set it goes for GN_MT_IN.

I didn't know that and I didn't try... I can see the list of folders
in xgnokii, but it always gets 0 SMS

it broke when we inserted some new memory types

317:/* 0 + 12 = GN_MT_IN, 1 + 12 = GN_MT_OU ... => gsm-common.h
definition of gn_memory_type */
318:                                    msg->memory_type = i + 12;
343:                                    gdat.sms->memory_type =(gn_memory_type) 
i + 12 ;

GN_MT_IN is now at 14 but changing 12 to 14 doesn't fix it, it always
gets an empty filelist from the cache because it never read it from
phone (gnokii --getsms works as expected)

GetFolderChanges: Old status: 360 0
Getting SMS Status...
Using GetSMSFolderStatus for Series40 3rd Ed
Trying to retrieve filelist of C:\predefmessages\6\*.* from cache
Getting key C:\predefmessages\6\*.* from map 0x9672de8.
Getting key C:\predefmessages\6\*.* from map 0x9672de8.
0 out of 0 are SMS

Daniele Forsi

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