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How to backup SMS by gnokii

From: Bai Shuwei
Subject: How to backup SMS by gnokii
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2010 15:30:21 +0800

Dear, All:
  I want to backup phone's information by Gnokii. When i use it for
N72. I can get some information from phone by Gnokii with Gnapplet,
but i cannot get my SMS information and other files. From Gnapplet
driver wiki page, i find the gnapplet does not support SMS and files.
So i want to know:
  1) Why gnapplet does not support SMS and files?
  2) Do some tools can do it now?
  As my platform is Linux, i don't want to use PC suits which run on Windows.

  Glad to get your response, thanks!

Best Regards

Bai Shuwei

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