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From: Roberto Verzola
Subject: 6220c
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2011 09:42:17 +0800
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I have a nokia 6220c that I want to connect to my Linux machine (KUbuntu v8.04) running KDE. I want at the minimum to be able to send/recv SMS through the phone. (I used to be able to do so with an older 6210, plus a program in Python which I wrote myself.)

The 6220c comes with a usb cable. When I plug it in, the phone asks me if I want PC Suite mode, USB storage, media transfer, etc. So far, I know how to use the USB storage mode, and I've managed to download photos/videos from the phone to my harddisk. Bluetooth seems somewhat more complicated so I would prefer to rely on the USB cable, if I had a choice.

My gnokii version is 0.6.22, which if I try updating, apt-get informs me that it is the latest available.

My problem really is I don't know where to start.

I know how to modify .gnokiirc, but not which lines to change, and what to change them with. I've looked but can't find a sample .gnokiirc for 6220c that worked for someone else.

Any advice please?

Roberto Verzola

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