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It's about timeout

From: Вячеслав Кочурко
Subject: It's about timeout
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2011 12:46:04 +0200

 Hello, gnokii-people! I'm new to this mailing list, but it seems that my problem here is not solved yet.

 It is about timing the connection out when gnokii tries to get all the SMS from my phone (2630, btw, bluetooth connection. Very slow).
 The main problem here is that it has something about 5000 messages, so even --showsmsfolderstatus times out while being properly working.

 With "debug = on" option in config I'm able to see that program is getting the filelist, but after several hundreds of files it dies because of timeout. I've tried to dig into code, but never found the main "..._TIMEOUT" variable.

 It seems to me like there are plenty ways of solution, like reassuming this variable or letting user to change it via config.

Please, help.

Best regards,

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