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problem using j2me with gnokii

From: sunny sharma
Subject: problem using j2me with gnokii
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2011 18:36:27 +0530

Hello Everyone,

I have this problem with gnokii,How  non-standard port not being
supported, how a j2me app can do server-side authentication with
gnokii . Scenario is that the app installed by the user sends a sms to
a server phone whose inbox is read by gnokii and put into the DB;
there is some processing on the incoming message and a new message is
sent out in reply giving the go-ahead to continue the app or exit.
Given that j2me cannot access the inbox the only option for you is to
use a non-standard receive port by the mobile app; is there any other
option available ? what is their suggestion ?

Sunny Sharma aka sunny_slls
phone : 9840955185

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