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Auto redial

From: Nicolas Vermeersch
Subject: Auto redial
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2011 12:35:53 +0100

there is particular phone number that's only 'open' 4 hours a month to make a reservation. There are hundreds of people who want to make a reservation, so as a result the line is almost always busy. My current method is just manually redialing the number over and over again. In about 9/10 cases you can't make a connection, and in 1/10 you hear the busy signal. 

I know some cell phones have an auto redial function, but that doesn't work to well. It only works when you have a busy signal, not when you can't make a connection + it's way too slow.

Does anyone have a solution to auto redial with multiple cell phones? My plan was to use Gnokii to connect about 5 cell phones, and use -makevoice to dial the number. I would repeat this about every 10 seconds with 5 cell phones, so an attempt is made about every 2 seconds. How do I put this in practice? Is Gnokii able to manage multiple cell phones at once, and can I just use --makevoice for my plan?

I'm also open for any other suggestions.

All the best,

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