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gnokii and Nokia 2330c-2

From: Roberto Verzola
Subject: gnokii and Nokia 2330c-2
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2011 20:57:58 +0800
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I have been using gnokii with Nokia 2330c-2 (model number inside the phone) since I managed to make gnokii work with it a few weeks ago.

--getsms works with the -f and -a options.
--sendsms also works fine

But getsms with the -d option (delete after reading) causes a major problem. Here are some indications of the problem: - the inbox # shown in the cellphone is different from the inbox # in gnokii.

- Gnokii's --getsms -d seems to delete the contents on the phone, but the phone thinks the message are still there, because the cursor still moves over a blank header and when I try to display the message, "Opening message" flashes on the screen, and then back to the blank header. which suggests that not all parts of the message were deleted from the phone memory. Thus my 2330c-2 inbox memory was in an indeterminate status. As more messages came in, that seemed to put portions of the memory back in working order, but there remained inbox numbers which had blank headers and contents, yet appeared to exist as message, because the cursor with allot them space on the screen (a blank space though). After nearly two hundred messages had come in, I powered off the phone, then after a while powered it on again, hoping that some initialization during power on would make things right. Instead, most of the messages disappeared! Instead of the nearly 200 messages, there were only 2, Yet while the phone kept telling me there were only 2 in my inbox, gnokii --getsmsfolderstatus on the other hand said there were 197. However, a gnokii --getsms IN 1 end would return the error message "Getting SMS failed (location 3 from IN memory)! (Problem occurred internal to model specific code.)" But a gnokii-getsms IN 1 197 would show the same error message from location 3 to around 10 and then display the old lost messages up to 197.

Up to now, my phone's inbox memory is in an indeterminate state. I've tried the erase all messages in folder command in the phone, until it showed 0 messages according to the phone. But gnokii --getsmsfolder status would still show 197.

I would suggest that the -d option be disabled for the 2330c-2 model, until this serious problem is corrected. You can just imagine a phone owner's opinion of gnokii after it mangles his phone's internal inbox memory.

Greetings to all,


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