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RE: writecalendar and recurrences

From: gnokii
Subject: RE: writecalendar and recurrences
Date: Thu, 12 May 2011 17:16:37 +0530

> -----Original Message-----
> Thanks Pawel  :-)
> Yes -- I intend to produce an awk script for the following use case:
> 1. Export calendar from Xfce's Orage (events only, initially 
> no "To Do"s or Journals).
> 2. awk script to process the Orage export file:
>    a) Remove events outside a settable date range.
>    b) Convert recurring events to a series of single events.
> 3. Test by gnokii writecalendar to Nokia 5130c-2
> My C is very rusty so it may be less work for you to use the 
> awk as an algorithm prototype than to clean up my attempts to 
> contribute C to gnokii.  To be decided.
> Best
> Charles

Hello :-)

Done as an awk script and posted at (sorry about the wrapping)

As it says there, "It is at proof of concept stage with limited
functionality and verbose debugging".  It has passed basic testing and I
will be using it regularly for further testing.

Comments and suggestions about prioritising the enhancements are welcome. 



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