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Phone question

From: Petter Törnberg
Subject: Phone question
Date: Thu, 26 May 2011 20:58:48 +0200

Dear, Maillist

I'm helping a non-profit organization to set up a sms-system running a
semi-large system based on Gnokii.  We've been running with Nokia
3310, we bought around 10 of them from different places, having read
somewhere on your wiki that this was a stable configuration. Alas,
we've experiences lots of problems with the Nokias breaking down in
different ways, as well as disconnecting from the server.
So our idea was to instead use USB 3G modems ("USB dongles"). But the
only tested modem on the wiki is ZTE K3565, which does no longer seem
to be possible to order. We tried with a HUAWEI E220, but it didn't

The organization doesn't have a lot of money, so we can't "buy and try".

Question: What's your recommendation for the most stable phone / USB
modem to use with Gnokii? Can ZTE MF112 be expected to work?

Any help would be deeply appreciated. The organization is working for
a good cause.

(Do pardon me if this question is in some way not suitable for the
mail list, I'm not very familiar with this.)

Kind Regards

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