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Re: finding out the recipient of an SMS read from phone

From: lee
Subject: Re: finding out the recipient of an SMS read from phone
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2011 17:58:00 +0200
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Daniele Forsi <address@hidden> writes:

> 2011/6/16 le:
>> is it possible to get information about the recipient of an SMS that was
>> written (and sent) with the phone and is later fetched from the phone
> there isn't a command to directly read that information from the
> phone, so you need to manually match names and numbers

Either a name, a number or some other (sufficiently) uniqe identifier
would suffice. If that information is available, shouldn´t gnokii by
default put it into the email-headers when exporting to an mbox file? It
already does it nicely for SMSs I´ve received and read from the IN

> if you can compile the PHP bindings see getsmsname.php in

Hm, I´m not sure if I can or if it would work if I did: I don´t know if
the information can be retrieved from the phone.

All I get is:

,---- [ gnokii --getsms OU 1 1 ]
| 1. MO-Nachricht (Unbekannt)
| Datum/Zeit: 00.00.2000 00:00:00 
| Recipient: +35856789123456789123 Msg Center: 
| Text:
| Test

The script you´re pointing to says it clones "gnokii --getsms", and as
far as I can read it, it reads the phonebook and the SMSs from the phone
and simply tries to match phone numbers in the SMSs to names in the
phonebook. If gnokii doesn´t retrieve numbers of sent SMSs, the php
script wouldn´t be successful.

So what can I do? Get another phone? ;)

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