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Nokia 5130c-2: issues summary

From: Charles
Subject: Nokia 5130c-2: issues summary
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2011 18:22:55 +0530
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Hello :-)

Here is a summary of issues with a Nokia 5130c-2. All have been (re-)tested with gnokii-master downloaded on 22jun11 at 13:55UTC.

1. Cannot read TODOs (phone Notes) from phone.

2. Cannot delete TODOs (phone Notes) from phone.

3. xgnokii SMS -> Messages -> Activate SMS Reading does not populate folders (reported only today, has not appeared in the digest yet).

4. LDIF postal addresses do not appear in phone contacts.

5. LDIF description (phone contact note) truncated to 61 characters although phone can accommodate 116.

6. One contact (maybe more, I stumbled on this one) does not appear in phone contacts but no associated error message in gnokii debug output. The contact information is personal so better not published. I am happy to supply it direct.

7. Some contacts (same six out of 197 each time) get "Write failed (Command timed out.)" but do appear on phone. Some of them have very little data.



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