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Re: Which phone(s) best for gnokii?

From: Charles
Subject: Re: Which phone(s) best for gnokii?
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2011 17:39:33 +0530
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On 25/07/11 17:17, Charles wrote:
> Hello :-)
> Which would be the best phone(s) if specifically selecting to work with
> gnokii?

OK -- that got no answer so let's ask a different question.  Does
anybody have experience with any of the following and gnokii?  None are
in the WIKI or turn up in gnokii netsearches.

Samsung Wave 525 (bada OS)
Nokia C2-01 (segfaults xgnokii on Red Hat)
Nokia X2c
Samsung C(or 6?)3353
Samsung Galaxy PPP

My Nokia 5130-c2 has died (yay!).  When I am well enough I will add
experience with it to the WIKI.

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