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Re: something wrong in my .config file not able to use gnokii :(

From: Daniele Forsi
Subject: Re: something wrong in my .config file not able to use gnokii :(
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2011 16:27:56 +0100

2011/11/23 shirish शिरीष:

> Now I haven't done the instructions given at
> as I'm not connection=dku2lib, do I need to do this even if I'm using
> phonet as cpnnection ?  The wiki page does not make this clear or at
> least its not clear to me.

that wiki page doesn't tell you how to use phonet, it tells how to get
phonet out of the way and how to use dku2libusb
phonet may be the right tool for a daemon but not for a program like
gnokii because it doesn't give enough permissions granularity

> a. Is something is wrong in my config file?

yes, you mixed incompatible values, you didn't follow the many
comments in the sample gnokiirc

> b. The confusion of being with dkulib and phonet, what to use and what to do ?

where this confusion is coming from? Who told you to use phonet?
If you read it on * we must fix that (man page, sample
gnokiirc and wiki look clear to me but we're always open for
suggestions on how to improve them)

> It would be nice to have some idea

I think everything you need is in
the config to use and how to fix errors

Daniele Forsi

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