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RE: Nokia Premicell

From: Tristan Drinkwater
Subject: RE: Nokia Premicell
Date: Fri, 2 Dec 2011 17:31:46 +0000

I did send back to the group with a the following...



Hi Daniele,


I've tried with both space at the end and beginning without success. I've also commented out the coming line above the new line you asked me to add.


Sadly I'm still getting the same error.


Any further thoughts?


Thanks again.



My atnok.c has this at the bottom..



void at_nokia_init(char* foundmodel, char* setupmodel, struct gn_statemachine *state)


        /* block writing of phone memory on nokia phones other than */

        /* 8210. if you write to the phonebook of a eg 7110 all extended */

        /* information will be lost. */

        if (strncasecmp("8210", foundmodel, 4))

                writephonebook = at_insert_send_function(GN_OP_WritePhonebook, WritePhonebook, state);


        /* premicell does not want sms centers in PDU packets (send & */

        /* receive) */

        if (!strncasecmp("0301", foundmodel, 4) || !strncasecmp("Nokia Cellular Data Adapter for GSM and PCN/DCS 1800 ", foundmodel, 53))

                AT_DRVINST(state)->no_smsc = 1;


        /* Nokias support just mode 1 */

        AT_DRVINST(state)->cnmi_mode = 1;


        at_insert_recv_function(GN_OP_AT_IncomingSMS, ReplyIncomingSMS, state);




Still getting the same error.


Anything else I can check or debug?


Thanks for your time.


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On Fri, Dec 2, 2011 at 17:50, Tristan Drinkwater <address@hidden> wrote:

> Sorry Pawel,

> My error. Please see below.....

> echo "GNOKII" | gnokii --sendsms 07920459xxx --smsc 07786855xxx -r


You still did't apply Daniele's patch correctly. I've already pointed

out what you did wrong.


take care,


Pawel Kot



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