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Re: stupid bug in xgnokii phonebook editor

From: Malte Lundberg
Subject: Re: stupid bug in xgnokii phonebook editor
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2012 18:47:54 +0100
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Hello Chris.

would you be so kind, to forward your .gnokiirc file to me ?
As i explained in my mail of 21.02.12 i am not able get a gnokii --identify from my Nokia C1-02

Tanks in advance


On 02/26/12 17:55, chr[] wrote:

I've got a Nokia C1 phone, which does support multiple phone numbers per name
entry, that is the PM_EXTPBK flag, isn't it? xgnokii phone book editor shows up
correct but editing truncates the list.

Steps to reproduce: launch xgnokii, read phone book. Now create a new phone
book entry and add>1 numbers to it. Click ok, close the two dialogs. Reopen
the entry from the list, open the numbers list: it's truncated to one entry:

xgnokii/xgnokii_contacts.c line 395 in EditPhonebookEntry()

if (phoneMonitor.supported&  PM_EXTPBK) {
     number = g_malloc(sizeof(char) * max_number_length);
     gtk_label_get(GTK_LABEL(data->number), number);
     snprintf(current_entry->entry.number, max_number_length, "%s", number[0]);
     snprintf(current_entry->entry.subentries[0].data.number, max_number_length,
"%s", number[0]);
     current_entry->entry.subentries[0].entry_type = GN_PHONEBOOK_ENTRY_Number;
     current_entry->entry.subentries[0].number_type =
     // ??WTF::
     current_entry->entry.subentries_count = 1;
} else {
     snprintf(current_entry->entry.number, max_number_length, "%s",

This block doesn't make sense. Delete this block and the phone book works.
current_entry->entry.number is already set.

This is gnokii 0.6.32 from git/master @



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