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Re: Nokia 1110/1112/1208

From: Daniele Forsi
Subject: Re: Nokia 1110/1112/1208
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2012 22:54:30 +0200

2012/6/14 Gustavo Conrad:

>   Has anyone been successful on using any of these phones with gnokii?? My
> tests had gone as follows:
>    - 1110 or 1112 Only identify, no SMS capability
>    - 1208 Identify, SMS send but no receive

if all of them are Series 30 we only know that they don't support all
the commands that Series 40 support but we don't know what they

I think other people have sent the debug output of those phones (see for instructions on how to enable it), but IIRC the
phone only answers with a generic error code similar to "unknown

>  I can submit debug info if needed.

yes, please, for starters we need the model type printed by --identify
or read on the sticker under the battery; it's a short string similar
to the following RH-93, RH-105, RM-647:

grep S30 common/misc.c
        {"1110",  "RH-93",      PM_DEFAULT_S30 },
        {"1209",  "RH-105",     PM_DEFAULT_S30 },
        {"1280",  "RM-647",     PM_DEFAULT_S30 },

but this will only allow to improve the output of --identify
then someone must find out if the needed commands exist and how they
work; one way is modifing one function in common/phones/nk6510.c
changing only some byte or sending all possible sequences of bytes,
starting with 1 byte, so you send 0x00 and record the answer, send
0x01 and record the answer, until 0xff, then send 0x00 0x00, and so
on; the risk is that you find a sequence that damages the phone; you
may also check Docs/protocol/nk6510.txt and the other files to have an
idea of the format of the commands; you can also find me on irc in
#gnokii at freenode
Daniele Forsi

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