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Re: gnokii 0.6.31 problem with german umlauts

From: Axel Gruber
Subject: Re: gnokii 0.6.31 problem with german umlauts
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2012 23:03:48 +0200


i also had a lot of Problems with german "umlauts" - i solved it this way:

declare -x LANG="de_DE.UTF-8"

And i start SMSD this way:

 /usr/local/bin/smsd -u root -p password  -d smsgw -c xxxxx.xx -m
mysql --encoding UTF8

With this configuration i can use Gnokii  Version 0.6.31 here with
mysql with german "umlauts".

But i agree with you the "Umlaute Problem" on Linux is realy bad  - i
hate it ... - i still have some problems with a PerlScript wich sent
the recieved SMS by Mail - and here are all "umlauts" away .... - but
i´m on the best way to solve it ...
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
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Axel Gruber

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2012/8/16 Stefan Rupprecht <address@hidden>:
> Hi Pawel,
> Am 13.08.2012 22:16, schrieb Pawel Kot:
>>> LC_ALL=
>> You need to set that. In ASCII locale there are no umlauts.
> Now I set the locale:
> address@hidden
> LC_CTYPE="address@hidden"
> LC_NUMERIC="address@hidden"
> LC_TIME="address@hidden"
> LC_COLLATE="address@hidden"
> LC_MONETARY="address@hidden"
> LC_MESSAGES="address@hidden"
> LC_PAPER="address@hidden"
> LC_NAME="address@hidden"
> LC_ADDRESS="address@hidden"
> LC_TELEPHONE="address@hidden"
> LC_MEASUREMENT="address@hidden"
> LC_IDENTIFICATION="address@hidden"
> address@hidden
> but the result is the same: The umlauts were not encoded correctly.
> I also tried to use not the commandline, but the smsd with mysql support. I
> inserted a text "Test ÄÖÜ" with umlauts into the outbox table, but also here
> the sms encoding is wrong.
> I'll give up now and further use the version 0.6.30, where the encoding
> works correct (gnokii commandline and smsd).
> Nevertheless, thanks for support.
> Stefan
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