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Re: Gnokii-smsd stops working

From: Daniele Forsi
Subject: Re: Gnokii-smsd stops working
Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2012 15:17:20 +0100

2012/12/3 Arminas Keraitis:

> I've just realized that when I close "putty" the smsd stops working. That is
> the problem, yes? I can start smsd only on my server?

for this problem you can find a solution specific to Ubuntu, but smsd
and your modem aren't compatible, this is the relevant part of your
debug log:
> Sending
> Message sent: 0x65 / 0x000a
> 41 54 2b 43 4d 47 46 3d 30 0d                   | AT+CMGF=0
> write: [AT+CMGF=0<cr>]
> PDU mode is not supported by the phone. This mobile supports only TEXT mode
> while gnokii supports only PDU mode.

implementing the missing mode shouldn't be too hard, so if someone
wants to do it I can give some advice, but it will be difficult to
test it against different devices and to maintain it

Daniele Forsi

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