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smsd and delivery reports?

From: Rogan Dawes
Subject: smsd and delivery reports?
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2012 09:44:00 +0200
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Hi folks,

I'm trying to set up a mail2sms gateway, using smsd and the PostgreSQL module.

It would be great to be able to respond to the mail, indicating that the SMS had been received, based on the delivery report function. However, I do not see how to tell if the delivery report has been received or not.

I would assume there should be a column in the outbox table, but there does not appear to be one:

CREATE TABLE "outbox" (
        "id" serial,
        "number" character varying(20) NOT NULL,
        "processed_date" timestamp DEFAULT now() NOT NULL,
        "insertdate" timestamp DEFAULT now() NOT NULL,
        "text" character varying(160),
        "phone" integer,
        "processed" bool DEFAULT 'false',
        "error" smallint DEFAULT '-1' NOT NULL,
        "dreport" smallint DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL,
        "not_before" time without time zone DEFAULT '00:00:00' NOT NULL,
        "not_after" time without time zone DEFAULT '23:59:59' NOT NULL,
        PRIMARY KEY ("id")

I would guess that there should also be a "delivered" timestamp column, which could be null if there were no delivery reports requested, or if the report has not yet been received.

I have noted that the delivery report gets deleted from the device (Huawei E220), so it looks like smsd is handling them somehow. I just can't figure out how to see what it did with them :-) They don't appear to show up in the inbox, at any rate.



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