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Re: compressed message

From: Daniele Forsi
Subject: Re: compressed message
Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2013 00:04:34 +0100

2012/12/31 alonso acuña:

> I would appreciate some insight into what is going on in there. Is it really
> important to stop decoding of these messages and not let it decode as
> Default Alphabet? If so then how can we improve it so that the sms does not
> stay on the phone forever?

maybe our logic to detect a compressed message is wrong since we're
checking only bit 5:

        if (dcs.type & 0x20) {
                dprintf("Compressed message\n");
                return GN_ERR_NOTIMPLEMENTED;

instead of all the coding group bits 011x xxxx (see ETSI TS 123 038
Section 5 CBS Data Coding Scheme)

try changing the check above (at line 465 of my copy of common/gsm-sms.c) with:

if ((dcs.type & 0xe0) == 0x60) {

or send me your debug output (privately if it contains personal details)
Daniele Forsi

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