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Re: writephonebook fix + MyX-2 support

From: Raphaël Droz
Subject: Re: writephonebook fix + MyX-2 support
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2013 15:07:30 +0200
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On Sun, Mar 10, 2013 at 10:35:15AM +0100, Daniele Forsi wrote:
> there are two problems:
> the first is that now error checking is too liberal and it doesn't
> detect broken files such as a file with only "BEGIN:VCARD"

One option is using LGPL-2.1 libvformat (
Otherwise I rerolled the patch a bit so the above issue should be fixed.

Let me know if gmail mess-up with the attachment again.

> > Unrelated question: is there any existing plan to enhance the
> > "find-free" option of writephonebook ?
> I think nobody complained yet loudly
> > It's a pain to use as it starts the location counter back to 2 for each
> > entry. So in the best case `--writephonebook -f` ends up testing 85!
> > (factorial) locations in order store 85 entries.
> you are right, I think that the "if (find_free)" block should was
> supposed to be outside of the "while (!feof(stdin))" loop and it
> should use default_location as a starting point

I let this modification up to your knowledgeable analysis.
But I'll give a look too to see if further tweaks are needed.

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